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Annual Physical Specialist

Primary Care Associates of Maryland

Family Medicine & Geriatrics located in Frederick, MD & Clarksburg, MD

If you go through life without checking in on your health regularly, you can develop a disease or chronic condition with no knowledge of it until it’s advanced and difficult to treat. At Primary Care Associates of Maryland, with two locations in Frederick and another in Clarksburg, Maryland, Praveen Bolarum, MD, and the team provide annual physical exams to monitor your health and get to know you as a regular patient. Request your next annual physical by phone or online at any of the three Primary Care Associates of Maryland locations today.

Annual Physical Q & A

What are annual physicals?

An annual physical is an exam you receive from your primary care provider each year. It’s an opportunity to learn more about your health and how you can improve it over the course of the year until your next annual physical. Furthermore, your provider can identify early signs of disease and help you manage ongoing chronic conditions.

Returning each year to check in with your primary care provider at an annual physical helps you form a strong bond with your provider. They get to know your health, habits, and preferences and can provide individualized care with your unique needs in mind. You can also open up to them about health concerns that aren’t easy to talk about, but that need to be addressed. 

What happens at an annual physical?

Your annual physical at Primary Care Associates of Maryland is thorough and addresses many aspects of your health and wellness. Each visit starts with an initial discussion of your health history. You can also ask questions from the past year about your health and talk about any unusual symptoms. Then, your doctor examines you. During your exam, your physician: 

  • Checks your vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure)
  • Views your general appearance
  • Listens to your heart and lungs
  • Examines your ears, nose, throat, and eyes
  • Palpates your abdomen to check your organs
  • Examines your skin for unusual lesions
  • Checks your balance, coordination, and reflexes

If your provider finds anything concerning or unusual, they might order lab tests like blood tests or biopsies. They may refer you to a specialist for further examination or help you choose between the available treatment options. 

What are the differences between men’s and women’s annual physicals?

There are a few differences between men’s and women’s annual physicals because their reproductive systems look and function differently. If you’re a woman, your annual exams also include breast exams and pelvic exams. Breast exams check for breast cancer while pelvic exams check for any abnormality in your vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, or ovaries.

Men’s annual physicals include testicular exams, penis exams, and prostate exams. Your provider also checks for hernias and can help you find a treatment for any complications with your sexual organs.

It’s important to remember that, regardless of your gender, you can be honest with your provider about sensitive topics like your sexual health. You can also get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which often come without symptoms during your annual physical. 

Request your next annual physical by calling the office or requesting an appointment online today.