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 Moderna and Pfizer COVID -19 Vaccines are available at our clinic.

The team at Primary Care Associates of Maryland offers outstanding, personalized health care to patients of all ages. They provide a broad array of medical services, including primary care services for children, adults, and seniors at two locations in Frederick - on Thomas Johnson Drive and Urbana Pike - and Clarksburg, Maryland.

From wellness visits and allergy testing to pediatrics and geriatric care, Primary Care Associates of Maryland delivers uncompromising professionalism in a warm, friendly environment. Each member of the team has specialized training and extensive experience and focuses on building lasting partnerships with patients and their families.

With advanced diagnostic equipment at each location and in-house laboratory services, the team can accurately diagnose a variety of health concerns. The skilled providers treat acute illnesses, perform annual and sports physicals, and provide ongoing management for chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular concerns. The team collaborates with specialists and other care facilities to maintain continuity and ensure coordination of all aspects of care. 

New patients should feel welcome and encouraged to join the patient family at Primary Care Associates of Maryland. To schedule a wellness visit, acute care appointment, or a consultation, call the clinic nearest you or request an appointment online today.

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